PRESS RELEASE: Phoenix AZ, 31-OCTOBER-2012 – Dunn Orthodontics and Phoenix orthodontist, Dr. Matthew Dunn, DDS are pleased to announce that individualized plans are available for each patient who wants to undergo the procedure. Different types of customization means that each aspect of a person’s situation is taken into consideration when designing the plan.

It is important that teeth are straight and aligned correctly. Aligning the bite means the digestive process is enhanced, since food is chewed properly in order to start the process correctly.

Straight teeth are less likely to develop uneven wear and pockets of decay. The presence of decay will gradually destroy teeth. It can also cause intense pain to the victim of tooth decay. Keeping teeth clean is known to help prevent tooth decay.

In addition to the health benefits, there are cosmetic benefits. Most people visit a Phoenix orthodontist in order to improve appearance. The various techniques for tooth straightening will vary according to the type of work the patient does. Other factors that might define the specific type of straightening that is applied include the age, budget, speed desired and physical structure of the mouth.

It may be necessary to extract teeth, or to use implants to straighten the alignment. Other patients may do fine with standard braces. If appearance while wearing braces is crucial, there are dental appliances that are nearly invisible.

Learn more about the various methods of tooth straightening by checking out the website at today. Members of the press and others who are interested in the techniques described in this specific press release are encouraged to contact Dr. Dunn at the location provided below.

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Summary: Dunn Orthodontics and Phoenix orthodontist, Dr. Matthew Dunn DDS, offer a range of cosmetic procedures to improve appearance. The methods of teeth straightening can be customized to fit the lifestyle of the patient.

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