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Having a beautiful smile and straight, healthy-looking teeth can significantly improve the way you feel about yourself. After all, when your smile looks its best, you feel more attractive and more self-confident. And that influences not only your own self-image, but the impression you make on others, too. Sadly, straight teeth and perfect smiles rarely happen naturally. Most of us need braces or aligners to get the beautiful results we want. Until recently, that meant spending two years or more wearing braces or aligners. Today, though, there’s another option, Six Month Smile braces. And the best part is, we offer Phoenix six month braces at our practice. So, Arizona patients can get a gorgeous smile without the long wait.

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What are Phoenix 6 month braces and how do they work?

Traditional braces and clear aligner systems straighten all your teeth, including the teeth way back in your mouth. These are teeth you pretty much never see except when you’re brushing and flossing. Six Month Smile braces take a different approach. Instead of straightening all your teeth, Phoenix 6 month braces focus treatment on the front teeth. These are the ones that are visible when you smile and talk.

Phoenix six month braces use the same bracket-and-wire design as traditional braces. The brackets they use are clear, which means they’re virtually invisible when they’re on your teeth. Brackets attach to the visible teeth, and the wire threads through those brackets. During treatment, the wire and brackets adjust a little bit each time to apply gentle pressure that moves your teeth into alignment. They’re called six month braces because most people can get the results they’re looking for — a more beautiful, healthier-looking smile — in just about six months. And just like traditional braces, treatment with Phoenix six month smile braces can be custom to your smile and your needs. So, you can get the results you're hoping for.

What problems can be corrected with six month braces?

Six Month Smile braces are for cosmetic corrections of the visible teeth, including teeth that are crooked, overcrowded, gapped or poorly aligned. They can’t correct bite problems or alignment and spacing problems that affect the back teeth. They're not able to correct alignment problems that cause jaw pain, for instance. Six month braces can be a good choice for patients who are most concerned about the aesthetics of their smile and the way their teeth look when they’re talking to other people. But because orthodontic problems can be complex, the best way to know if Phoenix six month smile braces are right for helping you achieve your goals is to schedule an evaluation and consultation with a Phoenix orthodontist so you can learn about all your treatment options.

Are Phoenix six month braces hard to care for?

Phoenix six month braces use brackets and wires, just like regular braces, and that means it can take a little practice to brush and floss around them so your teeth and gums stay clean. We’ll provide you with some guidelines to use your brush and floss so they reach the areas around your braces and between your teeth. Some patients use a water flosser or special toothbrushes to make cleaning easier. Still, with just a little practice, you’ll be able to adjust your techniques to accommodate your new braces. And since six month braces only attach to your front teeth, you can still brush and floss your back teeth the way you always do, which means caring for six month smile braces is easier than caring for a full set of braces that attach to all your teeth.

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Will my six month braces need to be adjusted?

Yes, just as with traditional braces, you’ll need to visit us every four weeks or so during your treatment to have your braces adjusted. During your office visits, the orthodontist will evaluate your progress and gently tighten the wires and brackets to alter the pressure on your teeth. The pressure is what keeps your teeth moving in the right direction so they “straighten out.” But there is one difference between adjustments for Phoenix six month smile braces and adjustments for regular braces. Because six month braces are only attached to your front teeth, the adjustments won’t affect your back teeth at all — and that means they’ll be a lot more comfortable than regular braces adjustments.

Does dental insurance cover the cost of six month braces?

Phoenix six month braces are considered a cosmetic treatment, and for that reason, very few dental insurance policies offer any coverage for treatment costs. Even when a dental insurance plan offers some coverage for orthodontic treatment, it’s usually only braces (and sometimes aligners) that are covered, because those treatments can also improve your bite mechanics and other structural issues with your smile and your bite. Although dental insurance may not be an option when it comes to paying for your new, beautiful smile, at Dunn Orthodontics, we offer financing options and payment plans to help you fit the cost of your treatment into your budget.

Will I need to wear a retainer after my braces come off?

Yes, once your braces are removed, you'll still need to wear a retainer for a period of time while your teeth adjust to their new positions. Orthodontic treatment doesn't just move the top, visible parts of your teeth. It shifts the whole tooth, all the way down to the roots. As your roots move, your jaw bone "remodels" around them to accommodate the tooth movements and, once treatment is complete, secure the teeth in their new positions. That remodeling is still occurring, even after your braces are removed. Your retainer acts to hold your teeth in place while your jaw bone reforms to secure your teeth permanently.

Six month braces in Phoenix, Arizona

There’s no doubt having a beautiful smile can have a major impact on your appearance — and on your self-confidence, too. And with six month braces, you can get the beautiful results you want in far less time than with traditional braces or clear aligner systems. If you’d like to learn more about Six Month Smile braces and how they can help you look and feel great, give us a call at 602-864-0004 and schedule a consultation at our Phoenix office today.