If you want your teeth straightened, remember that there is more than one option to achieve this. Ask your Phoenix orthodontist about your options so that you can choose which method you are most comfortable with. Various methods to even out teeth will also incur different costs.

Having straight teeth will make a positive impact on people you meet and talk to. It will make you look more attractive and boost your confidence. Although most patients that undergo this kind of procedure are in their teen years, it is actually never too late to have your teeth evened out.

The most common way to get straight teeth is by wearing braces. There are different kinds of oral appliances under this category. There are metal, porcelain, ceramic, and invisible varieties. Invisalign in Phoenix are more expensive than traditional metal varieties but are more aesthetically pleasing. Choose something within your budget and make sure you feel comfortable with it.

Another option is to wear clear alignment appliances that are molded to the shape of the tooth. This method is more applicable for patients that need moderate repositioning to close a slight gap. It is not an effective way to straighten out badly misaligned or ingrown teeth. This is a see-through appliance that is also more aesthetically pleasing.

Some adults may opt to use veneers instead of braces. Before your veneers are bonded, your teeth will have to be drilled to prepare them for the procedure. You will not normally need to be injected with anaesthetics before the drilling. A bonding agent will be applied to the veneers to attach them to the teeth.

The time it will take to straighten your teeth with the use of braces will depend on the severity of your condition. Adults can opt for veneers if they want a quick solution to uneven teeth. Ask your Phoenix orthodontist about the best option for your case.

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