PRESS RELEASE: Phoenix AZ, 21-MAY-2012 – Dunn Orthodontics and Phoenix orthodontist, Dr. Matthew Dunn DDS, are pleased to announce that the services of orthodontia can be financed by working directly with dental office. Costs of dental sessions can be a major financial burden on a family with one or more youngsters and adults who require dental therapy.

Dr. Matthew Dunn, speaking in an interview stated, “All orthodontic problems are different. Accordingly, our fee will vary with the complexity of the case being treated. When your orthodontic care plan of braces or Invisalign in Phoenix has been determined, we will discuss the financial plan most workable for you.”

The office will work with patients to see that there is a way for them to be able to afford the service. Payment in full is discounted significantly, Insurance companies may be okay with paying for the medical care. A longer term payment plan may be allowed in certain sectors.

The philosophy of the clinic is that no patient should have to be denied dental care. Finding creative ways to manage the debt level is a special version of the financial plans.

Summary: Dunn Orthodontics and Phoenix orthodontist, Dr. Matthew Dunn DDS, offer patients a comprehensive versions of dental plans for braces in Phoenix AZ. This makes therapy for orthodontics available at manageable prices.

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