Virtually-Invisible Clear Aligners

The Clear Alternative


Invisalign is the high-tech, clear alternative to conventional braces. With Phoenix Invisalign at Dunn Orthodontics, you get the straight, healthy, confident smile you want without the need for metal brackets or wires. Drs. Matthew Dunn and Courtney Dunn are proud to offer this orthodontic revolution.

By utilizing the most-modern 3D computer innovations, Invisalign can fabricate a sequence of custom aligners. As you replace each Phoenix Invisalign tray with the next, you will see your teeth move gradually week after week. Once they reach their optimal position, your new smile will be complete.


Benefits of Invisalign in Phoenix AZ

  • Removable Invisalign trays allow you to drink and eat anything you feel like and continue to keep up optimal oral hygiene through flossing and brushing normally.
  • Clear, state-of-the-art aligners cause Invisalign therapy to be practically invisible.
  • Comfortable Invisalign aligners are exchanged regularly. You may not even remember you’re improving your smile. And, you will not spend as much time in the orthodontist’s office having appointments.
Actual patient of the Phoenix Invisalign orthodontist

Is Invisalign right for you?

Invisalign is an effective alternative to traditional braces in many cases. Invisalign may help both mature teenagers and adults and can treat a variety of cases, including:

  • Gaps
  • Crooked teeth
  • Crowding
  • Deepbite, overbite and protruded teeth
  • Closing spaces
  • Shifting of teeth due to poor retainer wear

There are, however, some cases that simply require more traditional braces technology. These are cases involving severe overcrowding.

This is one of the reasons that it is important to see a Phoenix Invisalign certified orthodontist rather than a general dentist. Most general dentists have very limited orthodontic training and can only offer Invisalign as an orthodontic solution. An orthodontist is able to evaluate both the clear aligner option as well as other orthodontic treatment plans. That way you can choose the option that works best for you.


Invisalign for Adults

For adults who need braces, Invisalign Phoenix AZ is an excellent option. Not all adults want the look and feel of metal braces. Many working professionals feel that traditional metal braces would make them look too juvenile and undermine their credibility.

The clear, practically invisible aligners correct tooth position without broadcasting that you are wearing braces.

Any adult who wants a brilliant smile should contact Dunn Orthodontic offices in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Arcadia or Litchfield Park to see if you are a candidate for clear aligners.


The Process of Getting Invisalign Treatment

At your first free consultation with us, we’ll discuss your orthodontic needs and determine if Phoenix Invisalign is the right treatment for you. If it is, we will take X-rays and impressions of your teeth. These will be used to make customized aligners designed specifically to move your teeth into the correct positions over time.

As you change out these trays every one to two weeks, we’ll make sure we keep an eye on the progress by meeting with you periodically. Wearing your aligners the full 20 to 22 hours a day will help move your teeth into position right on schedule. Once your teeth have been corrected, we will fit you with a retainer. You’ll have that sparkling smile you’ve always wanted.

Actual patient of the Invisalign Phoenix AZ orthodontist

How Do Clear Aligners Work?

All orthodontic re-positioning of teeth works on the same basis: application of appropriate force, at the right place, at the right time. Clear aligners are simply another delivery system for these forces packaged in comfortable, transparent medical-grade plastic.

All patients are provided with a series of differently positioned aligners that are worn at various times during the treatment period. Each one applies force a little differently, and, over time, the teeth begin to move little by little until they are eventually in the desired position.


Are Clear Aligners Better Than Traditional Braces?

Invisalign has helped many people get the smile they always wanted and which they may never have achieved if metal braces were the only option. In that sense, Phoenix Invisalign is better than metal braces.

Metal and ceramic braces, however, remain an invaluable tool in the orthodontist’s toolkit, and no orthodontist that we are aware of is ready to give up traditional braces anytime soon. Clear aligners are better in the sense it has allowed more people to achieve their best possible smile and feel better about their appearance. Learn more about metal braces vs Invisalign.


Financing Invisalign Phoenix AZ Treatments

At Dunn Orthodontics, we want you to have the orthodontic treatment that is most effective for your needs. To that end, we work with almost all insurances. In addition, we offer a variety of interest-free and no-down payment options. Please read more about our payment plans, and feel free to give us a call and ask questions about our payment options and insurance acceptance today.

To find out if Invisalign is right for you, schedule your consultation today.