Phoenix Orthodontist, Dr. Matthew Dunn, Offers Customized Financial Payment Plans

PRESS RELEASE: Phoenix, AZ, 1-SEP-2012 – Dunn Orthodontics is pleased to announce that Dr. Matthew Dunn offers customized financial payment plans that give patients the ability to achieve their goals for a beautiful smile more easily. The Desert Ridge orthodontist is committed to providing the care and education that will allow individuals of all ages to attain straight, healthy teeth and enhance their self-esteem and confidence.

When interviewed recently Dr. Dunn shared his continuing commitment to his patients. “In today’s economy many people are faced with making difficult decisions about how they spend money. While many people can benefit from orthodontia the initial costs can be prohibitive. To address the needs of patients and help them to achieve their goals for a beautiful smile I work with my patient to develop customized financial payment plans that they are comfortable with. I encourage parents to bring their children for an orthodontic visit early so that I can identify any potential issues and we can address problems early. In this way the costs of later orthodontic procedures can often be reduced significantly.”

A person who visits Dr. Dunn receives a complete and comprehensive examination to identify any issues that need to be addressed before orthodontic procedures can take place. The doctor discusses the past dental and medical history of the patient as well any accidents, injuries, or conditions that may have occurred in the past. The doctor will also perform tests to determine the alignment of the jaw and anomalies such as crowded or misaligned teeth.

After evaluating all of the information collected Dr. Dunn creates a plan to address the issues and begin the orthodontic process. The doctor discusses the budget of the patient and customizes a financial payment plan that will allow them to get the work done that is required while making payments that fit their budget. He provides options for care that address both the pre- and post-orthodontic procedures that will be completed.

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Summary: In order to further meet the needs of his patients, Dr. Matthew Dunn the Phoenix Orthodontist, has developed customized financial payment plans that fit any budget. The doctor is dedicated to providing the highest levels of care to his patients and provide them with the beautiful smiles they need to achieve greater confidence and self-esteem. Working with individuals of all ages, Dr. Dunn develops care plans that ensure an individual’s goals are met and maintained.

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