The University of Michigan has always held a special place in the hearts of Dr. Matthew Dunn and Dr. Courtney Dunn.  After all, it is where they first met during Dental School.  Their first two children were born at University of Michigan Hospital.

“Naturally, I was really proud to hear my dental school is the best in the entire world”, reported Phoenix orthodontist Dr. Matt Dunn.  “The University of Michigan has long been recognized as the #1 Dental School in the United States.  It’s nice that it is now receiving the worldwide recognition it truly deserves.”

An international higher education research organization that evaluates universities recently graded U-M Dental School as #1 in Dentistry and Oral Sciences in its Global Ranking of Academic Subjects.

“They collect data about thousands of universities around the world”, added Dr. Courtney Dunn, an Arizona native and Scottsdale orthodontist.  “It just confirms what I already knew.  It’s the reason I went there in the first place.  It was really a no brainer decision.  Who is going to turn down an opportunity to go the best school possible?”

Smart Patients and Parents Know

“It’s really kind of funny.  The University of Michigan is a great school, but it just doesn’t have the name recognition as Stanford or some of the Ivy League schools”, shared Dr. Matt Dunn.  “But, smart patients and parents do their research.  It’s amazing.  They know that U-M Dental School is the best and they want the best for themselves and their children.”

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