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PRESS RELEASE: Phoenix, AZ, 9-JUL-2012 – Dr. Matthew Dunn, Phoenix Orthodontist provides members of the community with the custom dental plans that will give them the straight teeth and beautiful smiles they seek. The doctor uses the latest technology and methods to ensure that patients are provided the options and care fits their active lifestyles and needs.

When interviewed recently, Dr. Dunn stated, “I encourage parents to bring children for their first evaluation as soon as their molars begin coming in. By doing an evaluation and beginning a care plan at an early age, many issues can be addressed before they cause more severe problems later. However, no matter what the age of the individual, there are many options to achieve beautiful, straight teeth. I provide my patients with all of the information they need to make a knowledgeable decision about the option that will meet their needs and create an individualized plan that fits their schedule.”

During the initial examination, Dr. Dunn identifies the immediate issues that must be addressed before orthodontic options can be explored. The doctor takes x-rays and conducts tests to identify gaps, crooked teeth, misalignments in the bite of the individual and other issues that may affect the methods or techniques that will be used to straighten the teeth.

After the examination the doctor will discuss the past medical and dental history of the patient as well as medications that have, or are being taken and any injuries that may have occurred which impacted the teeth or mouth. The doctor will then discuss the options available to achieve the results that are desired such as metal appliances or Invisalign technology.

Once an option has been selected, the doctor will create an individualized program that will include regular visits to make adjustments and address any issues that may arise. The doctor will also monitor the movement of the teeth and provide the patient with information on steps they can take to maintain their beautiful smile after results are achieved.

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Summary: Dr. Matthew Dunn, Phoenix Orthodontist provides members of the community with the custom dental plans that give them the beautiful smiles they desire. The doctor is skilled in providing the care and appliances needed to ensure that patients enjoy straight, healthy teeth by using the most modern technology available.

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