Visiting the dentist is something kids dread and would do anything to avoid. It is important that they get frequent checkups or else they can develop dental problems that would require a lot of work to correct later on. If there are problems with the way the teeth are shaped or formed, a dentist would refer a child to an orthodontics dentist. One Phoenix orthodontist is particularly passionate about helping children who have orthodontic problems and is available for after school appointments.

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with straightening teeth that are crooked or that give one an uneven bite. They do this by inserting devices such as retainers and braces that change the way teeth are aligned bit by bit. Apart from giving one teeth and a smile they can be confident about, even teeth make sure the teeth function well in chewing and breaking down food.

The orthodontist also helps children whose teeth are crowded in their mouth or those that are overlapping. Failing to address the problem can lead to a child having problematic growth of the jaw and development of the teeth.

It is never too early to take a child to be seen by orthodontists. It is however advisable that a first visit is before the age of six. This is so that problems can be detected and correct right away before the permanent teeth start coming out. Steps to correct dental anomalies can be taken so that the teeth that come out grow properly.

Before anything is done, a child will undergo examination which includes having x-rays taken. This makes it possible to see the way each tooth is positioned and whether there are any teeth that are yet to come in. A mold or impression of the teeth is then taken so that their shape and size can be seen. The best way to straighten your teeth can then be decided.

The Phoenix orthodontist will also examine the jaw to see if the bite is alright or if there are problems with chewing or swallowing. Following the findings of the examinations, a personalized plan will be created that will give one a wonderful smile for life.

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