You may not enjoy visiting the dentist or having your braces tightened, but dental professionals have been making this world a better place for thousands of years (if you ignore the enthusiasm for blood-letting that ancient doctors and barbers/surgeons inflicted on their desperate patients). We will look at some ways braces make your life better.

Today, you can expect quick relief from a toothache or fairly simple cures for a number of other oral ills without the pain of having it done with no anesthetic. Plus, Avondale orthodontists specialize in a few other things, and these innovations can definitely increase your life satisfaction.

1. A Beautiful Smile at Any Age

Braces were once only inflicted on the young. Now, however, anyone with a set of permanent teeth can look forward to gaining a perfect smile—even into your golden years! Braces technology has also improved dramatically, so now you can pick from a list of braces types according to your needs, your wishes, and your budget.

2. Correct a Bad Bite

Once upon a time, people were stuck with the teeth God gave them. Even if they were horribly misaligned and caused tooth and jaw pain, headaches, tooth wear and breakage, and loose teeth, they were stuck.

A bad bite, called a malocclusion, is when your top teeth and bottom teeth do not have a good relationship to each other. Your orthodontist can help find a solution for different types of malocclusions, reducing or eliminating the mouth, head, and neck pain associated with a malocclusion.

3. Correct Snoring and Mild to Moderate Sleep Apnea 

Snoring and sleep apnea are hard on your sleep partner and your relationship. They are also both terrible for your health. Orthodontists in Tempe AZ have come to the rescue. By offering mandibular advancement devices, they can force the lower jaw down and slightly forward. This can help keep the airway open and the tongue from falling back into the throat. For many, these devices have reversed health issues as well as saved relationships!

4. Working to Decrease or Eliminate Migraines

If you suffer from migraine headaches, you’d do just about anything to be rid of them. According to this article, researchers believe that migraine sufferers clench their jaws 14 times harder than other people. This exacerbates the intensity of the headaches as well as the frequency. While migraines can be caused by a number of triggers, the NTI, an FDA-approved small plastic device that, when worn in the mouth during sleep, prevents the jaws from clenching. This, in turn, leads to decreases in both the intensity and the frequency of migraine headaches. This is a relief to sufferers all over the globe. It’s another way braces in Glendale, AZ can make your life better.

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