PRESS RELEASE: Phoenix, AZ, 1-SEP-2012 – Phoenix orthodontist Dr. Matthew Dunn uses the most advanced technology, equipment and methods to create lasting and beautiful smiles for people of all ages. The doctor works closely with patients to ensure that they achieve the results the want and are given the tools and resources they need to maintain the results.

When interviewed recently Dr. Dunn stated, “I am committed to providing the best care and service to my patients that is available. My staff and I are continually updating and improving our methods and techniques to make sure that patients receive the lasting results they desire. I take great pride in the fact that we provide the environment that gives patients the confidence that they are getting the best care available and will be able to improve their overall quality of life.”

The doctor encourages parents to bring their children to his office for an early examination that will determine the steps that can be taken to reduce the type and amount of orthodontia that will be required to achieve a beautiful smile. The doctor and his staff spend time explaining the equipment, payment plans, procedures and methods that will be used to complete an examination and make patients feel comfortable in the warm and inviting environment.

Following an examination that includes x-rays Dr. Dunn will discuss the procedures that must be completed to address immediate issues and prepare the mouth for orthodontic appliances if they are needed. He also discusses the pros and cons of appliances and the estimated length of time that will be required to complete the entire process. Once a patient has chosen the program that will meet their needs, the doctor will schedule regular appointments to monitor and adjust appliances and address any problems that may arise during the process.

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Summary: Dr. Matthew Dunn, the Phoenix Orthodontist helps members of the community achieve and maintain beautiful smiles. The doctor uses the most advanced technology, equipment, and methods to ensure that patients of all ages can enjoy straight teeth and improve their confidence and self-esteem more effectively.

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