PRESS RELEASE: Phoenix, AZ, 4-OCT-2012- Phoenix orthodontist, Dr. Matthew Dunn, provides individuals with the orthodontic services they need to get beautiful smiles. The doctor uses the most advanced methods and technology to achieve the desired results more effectively and offers the education, training, and resources needed to maintain straight and beautiful teeth once the results have been achieved.

When interviewed recently, Dr. Dunn shared his commitment to providing the highest levels of service to his patients. “I encourage people to bring their children to my office when they begin to get their permanent molars. By identifying and addressing potential problems early, we can often avoid costlier orthodontic procedures when the child gets older. In the past, many people felt that they were “too old” to get their dental issues addressed, however it is possible to provide a person of any age with a beautiful smile and fix problems that may have caused self-confidence issues. I strive to help patients achieve and maintain healthy, straight and beautiful teeth and make them feel comfortable and relaxed when they visit my office.”

When an individual visits the office of Dr. Dunn he or she receives a complete examination. X-rays are taken to identify problems or issues that must be addressed to prepare the teeth for the appliance that is chosen. The doctor will ask the patients about their past dental history, medication that they may be taking, their diet and any issues they have with their teeth.

After evaluating all of the information that is collected the doctor will provide the patient with options to achieve the smile that is desired. Dr. Dunn explains each procedure, answers questions about estimated length of time for completion and the steps that will be taken to achieve the result. He will also make recommendations about how the patient can improve overall dental health and answer any questions that the individual has about each option.

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Summary: Dr. Matthew Dunn, Phoenix orthodontist, offers people of all ages the beautiful smiles they want using the most advanced methods and techniques available. The doctor works closely with patients to ensure that they receive the care and appliance that fits their budget and lifestyle.

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