PRESS RELEASE: Phoenix, AZ, 4-OCT-2012 – Phoenix orthodontist Dr. Matthew Dunn, works with patients to ensure that they get the beautiful smile they want affordably. The doctor uses the most advanced techniques and equipment so that procedures are completed more effectively and fit the needs of the patient. The doctor focuses his practice on individuals of all ages and provides support, care and education that will help them achieve and maintain the straight teeth and stunning smile they want.

When interviewed recently Dr. Dunn shared his commitment to providing the highest quality services at affordable prices to patients. “The current economy can make it very challenging for people to get the orthodontic care they need. I understand this challenge and work very closely with my patients to provide the options that will fit their budget and achieve the results they want. I encourage parents to bring their children for an examination so that we can identify and address any issues that may cause more expensive problems as they mature. By taking care of issues early it is often possible to avoid the more involved, and expensive procedures later.”

During the initial visit, Dr. Dunn and his staff make sure that the patient is comfortable and relaxed in the office. The doctor explains each procedure that will be done to perform a complete examination of the teeth and identify any issues that must be addressed immediately to prepare the mouth for an appliance. The doctor discusses the past medical and dental history of individuals as well as any medications they are taking, their normal diet and activities they participate in.

After reviewing all of the data collected Dr. Dunn creates options that fit the budget of the patient and explains the advantages and benefits of each Invisalign and braces option. The doctor answers questions about appliances and the estimated time that correction of the dental issues will take. After the patient chooses an option the doctor provides a schedule for regular adjustment and examination of the progress of the work being done.

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Summary: Phoenix Orthodontist, Dr. Matthew Dunn provides affordable options to individuals searching for solutions that will give them beautiful teeth. The doctor uses the most advanced technology and methods to ensure that procedures are completed more effectively and meet the needs and lifestyles of patients.

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