There are many ways in which a Phoenix orthodontist can ensure the healthy development of teeth. People do not need to wait until a major issue reveals itself before seeking this type of care. If a problem is detected in its most formative stages, the solution will be a lot easier and less time-consuming to implement.

For instance, very young children may have issues with tooth spacing. If teeth are lost too early in life, this could result in long-term issues such as overcrowding in a certain area of the most or diminished aesthetics. This is especially true if it takes quite a long time for the permanent teeth to come in.

When this is the case, the provider might suggest the use of a space maintainer. These devices help to prevent the remaining tooth structures from shifting out of their natural positions. Using a space maintainer ensures that their is sufficient room for the permanent tooth once it is ready to come in.

Early extraction is another recommendation that these professionals might make. Some people do not lose all of their baby teeth or these might not fall out in a timely fashion. In these instances, the structures can be extracted in order to ensure the healthy eruption of permanent teeth and sufficient space for each of these.

Sometimes little ones have an ongoing problem with sucking their thumbs. This early life habit can have a major and very damaging impact on the placement of the teeth and even the structure and functionality of the jaws. Many parents go to great lengths to deter this practice, but find themselves at wits end when no feasible solutions arise.

A reputable Phoenix orthodontist, however, can recommend the placement of a special device that will make it impossible for a child to continue sucking his or her thumb. Finding an effective deterrent at an early age will limit the amount of damage that this habit can cause and may even render braces in Phoenix AZ unnecessary. There are many additional tips that this professional can supply which will support the development and maintenance of long term and optimal oral health.

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