The primary goal of every Phoenix orthodontist is to help people reach an optimal level of oral health. One of the most important aspects of the mouth are the gums, given that they protect and support the teeth and the underlying bone structures. Sadly, these tend to be the most neglected area of oral care, which typically results in major problems.

Choosing the right personal hygiene tools is a vital part of good gum maintenance. Tooth brushes with bristles that are excessively harsh and abrasive can actually cause the gums to pull away from the teeth. You must have a tooth cleaning implement that is both gentle and thorough enough to remove plaque and food particles without causing damage.

Toothpastes and other oral cleaning solutions should not be excessively harsh either. Using rinses with a high volume of alcohol is not ideal for maintaining good gum health. The best solutions will help to preserve the natural pH balance of the mouth while possessing antiseptic properties.

When oral devices are being used, special forms of care will be necessary. Braces, space maintainers, dental implants and other contraptions will each have specific requirements for proper cleaning. Your provider can give you clear instructions on how to adequately remove food particles and germs, so that your mouth stays fresh.

There are some patients who can benefit from an Ayurvedic technique called oil-pulling. This is the use of oil to remove trapped particles and debris. People can even dip their toothbrushes into these cleaning solutions and massage the gums, in order to enhance circulation. A holistic practice will have more information on these strategies.

Gums that are swollen and sore or prone to bleeding are not a good sign. If these issues are not promptly dealt with, they can lead to other problems that are more severe in nature. Taking the advice of a Phoenix orthodontist will help you to restore gum health and to thereby, preserve the integrity of your teeth and the underlying bones.

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