The use of metal braces in Phoenix AZ isn’t the only solution to attaining perfect teeth alignment. Invisalign offered by a Phoenix orthodontist is an option available especially for adults. Other than being nearly invisible, it provides a few other benefits.

A series of aligners has to be worn by the patient throughout the teeth straightening course. Each one of them is out of medical-grade plastic instead of the usual metal. The material is transparent so it’s barely noticeable when worn in the mouth. Beforehand, the individual’s teeth are digitally scanned so that the proper aligners can be manufactured.

Each aligner is designed to slowly push the teeth into their desired positions. It is provided per scheduled visit to the clinic of an orthodontist. Throughout the process, the patient need not worry that everyone is going to notice the dental appliance being worn. This is what makes such solution particularly appealing to adults who are not happy with their smiles.

Other than the invisibility of the aligner worn, there are a few other benefits to enjoy for opting for this teeth straightening solution. For one, it can be easily removed by the individual. This is something recommended to be done before eating to avoid damaging or staining the plastic material. Food restrictions that come with being fitted with traditional metal braces no longer exist, so the individual may enjoy practically anything that he or she likes to eat during mealtimes.

The aligner’s removable feature also promotes proper oral hygiene. Without trouble, brushing the teeth and flossing can be carried out. The dental device simply has to be slid back into place once the person is through with the routine.

Using Invisalign, a Phoenix orthodontist offers helps protect the soft tissues of the mouth from cuts, often encountered when braces out of metal are worn. The aligner sports no sharp or jagged corners, preventing the formation of painful lacerations and sores. Adults most especially can benefit from opting for this innovative solution in perfecting their smiles.

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