One of the most common ways to correct an unappealing smile is by straightening teeth that are severely crooked. People are now investing in braces at every age, given the fact that the process is now cheaper, easier and way more socially acceptable. A reputable Phoenix orthodontist can talk to you about the different options in braces and how these can enhance your look.

Although the goal of braces in Phoenix AZ is ultimately to straighten or re-position the teeth, there are two things that people are usually hoping to do when searching for a specific type of corrective wear. For instance, some people want to conceal the fact that they are wearing braces by choosing clear or invisible designs. Others, however, are looking for options that have a eye-catching and stylish appeal.

Traditional options consist of brackets and wires that affixed to the front of the tooth structures. These are highly visible and thus, most older adults are usually looking for something less conspicuous. These, however, can now be dressed up quite a bit which make them more appealing to young adults and teens.

Ceramic or tooth-colored braces can be very hard to notice. They can be perfect for busy professionals who are seeking dramatic changes in their smile, but who do not want the corrective process to have a dramatic impact on their appearance. These structures will still require the use of a wire that travels through each tooth-colored bracket, however, many professionals have access to frosted wires that will blend in with these structures well.

There are even patients who want to have gold-colored options. They lack the flashier appeal of these designs. Rather than using the actual precious metal in these devices, however, dental professionals will opt for gold-colored hardware instead.

A good Phoenix orthodontist can even discuss options such as colored elastic bands, that can make these devices more youthful and appealing. These professionals understand that even though the ultimate goal for these devices is to create more a attractive smile, patients still want to look their best during the transition process. With such a wide variety of options to choose from, people are certain to find designs that are suited to their personal tastes.

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