Orthodontists are occasionally presented with the challenge of bringing in an impacted maxillary (upper) or mandibular (lower) 2nd molar. The main options for treating these impacted teeth are to have the tooth surgically uncovered with or without orthodontic treatment in Avondale AZ, extract the impacted tooth and hope the 3rd molar erupts into its position, or do nothing. A recent article in The Angle Orthodontist showed that the highest rate of success was with the combination of surgical exposure and orthodontic treatment with a success rate of about 70%. The option of extracting the impacted 2nd molar and hoping the 3rd molar will erupt into position had the lowest success rate (11%).
Given the relatively poor success rate of bringing impacted 2nd molars into the proper position, it is fortunate that impactions of 2nd molars are not very common. If you have questions regarding dental impactions or any other orthodontic problems, call the Dunn Orthodontics office closest to you today to discuss your concerns with a Tempe orthodontist, Dr. Matthew Dunn or Dr. Courtney Dunn.

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