One of the worries that children, teens, and even adults have about getting braces is that they will get teased. Getting teased is no fun, and you might not be sure if the pain of having people laugh and mock you for the length of time you’ll have braces makes them worth it.

There’s good news, though: braces have become so popular that up to 70% of children and teens between the ages of 6 and 18 will have braces at some point. As adults and seniors continue to flock to the orthodontist, adults with braces have also become a much more common sight. Even if some of your friends never have to wear braces, chances are a large number of others in your age group already have had them, are wearing them now, or will wear them in the future. It’s not such a big deal anymore.

What’s also great news is that technological advances have made braces smaller and less noticeable than in decades past. Plus, you can choose cool band colors to reflect your unique style or to make a statement just like you choose the colors and brands of your clothing.

If someone does insist on teasing you by calling you names like “metal mouth,

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