Braces as Kids

If one thing is certain, we’re not all born with perfect teeth! Sometimes, our specific smiles may require braces to correct our over or underbites and address other orthodontic issues. Whether you’re a teen or an adult, getting braces can sometimes seem like a curse to our social lives! Rest assured that while braces may not always seem like the coolest choice, they’re always the best choice to straighten and correct your teeth.

Even some of our favorite celebrities had to rock a “brace face” for years as a child, young adult or adult. We may love their pearly whites now, but we’ve already forgotten that they too have had to take on braces to reveal their beautiful smiles. Braces are a normal treatment for people of all backgrounds, interests, and smiles – and we can prove it! Check out this blast from the past to remember some celebrities with braces.

the handdddd. Harry Styles #harrystyles

— harry styles pics (@hxrryrosee) October 31, 2017

Harry Styles

The English singer songwriter and former member of the mega-popular boy band One Direction had already risen to fame when he decided to get braces! Check out some of Harry’s earliest appearances for a glimpse of his “train tracks” in early 2010 and 2011. His One Direction bandmates Niall Horan and Zayn Malik also wore braces for a few years when One Direction got its start.


Chris Pratt

— Chris Pratt World (@ChrisPrattworld) October 20, 2017

Chris Pratt

Before he was a “Guardian of the Universe” and the lovable Andy on TV favorite Parks and Recreation, actor Chris Pratt wore braces as a teen in the 80s. His leading man smile may take center stage in his movies now, but that wasn’t always the case when he was a teen!


.@EmmaWatson OKAY. I GET IT!!! I’m here now

— Paul Watt (@paulewatt) October 31, 2017

Emma Watson

As Hermione, actress Emma Watson delighted fans across the world as a lead for the incredibly popular Harry Potter movie franchise. Most of us were witnesses to the teenage cast’s incredible transformation through years. Although Emma wore braces before joining the Harry Potter franchise, she had to rock them again in 2005 during the four months between the third and fourth Harry Potter movies. We’re sure Emma will agree they were worth her beautiful movie star smile.


” Life is very interesting… in the end, some of your greatest pains, become your greatest strengths,” – Drew Barrymore

— Shepard Film and Lit (@ShepardFilm) October 17, 2017

Drew Barrymore

The undisputed “Queen of the Teen Dream” in the 1980s, actress, director and producer Drew Barrymore’s “awkward phase” was well-documented during her teenage years. Drew rocked her braces proudly, along with full-on 80s hair, distinct bangs, pale eye-shadow, and paisley-printed headwear. Now, her super straight smile is yet another win for celebrity braces.


@shawnmendes wrote “Never Be Alone” because he was travelling a lot and he missed his friends and family.?#fact #shawnmendes #friends #miss

— Shawn Mendes Facts (@ShawnMendez_xo) October 24, 2017

Shawn Mendez

Long before he would become a famous singer and entertainer, Shawn Mendez uploaded his eclectic mix of song covers and dancing clips to YouTube and the video sharing app Vine in – you guessed it – braces! While he was building his following in 2013, Shawn Mendez became one of those famous people with braces who wasn’t afraid to show them off. They certainly didn’t harm his career! Since then, Mendez has gone on to partner with Radio Disney, Pepsi and more. Now, Mendez shares his flawless smile with fans across the world.


Braces Open New Doors


These celebrities and many more prove that having braces isn’t the end of the world! All of the celebrities featured here went out to pursue their dreams, create popular work, and change the way we think about braces in popular culture.

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