If you are getting braces for the first time, you might not be aware that you can often pick the colors of your braces or bands (if you are getting self-ligating braces this doesn’t apply to you. Sorry!). You can use color in your braces to make a fashion statement, so now is the time to play with band colors in both single colors and combinations. The great thing is that you can get the color(s) changed the next time you get your braces tightened, so enjoy experimenting because you won’t have to live with any color forever.

Ask for a Color Wheel

Every braces brand that manufactures different colors of braces and bands will offer a color wheel showing you all the colors available. You can ask your orthodontist to show you the colors and then choose which color or color combination you want.

Keep Your Teeth Looking White

One color you should really think carefully about is white. White braces (and some of the other lightest colors, such as yellow) against your teeth will almost always make your teeth look yellow in comparison—even if you have very white teeth already. Obviously, oral hygiene is very important when you have braces, but your teeth would still look unnatural if they were as white as white braces.

Experiment with Color on the Bottom Braces as a Fashion Statement

If you’re not sure about a color, try it out on your bottom braces first. Bottom braces are less visible. You can wear the color and check to see if you like it and want to put it on your top braces, too.

Consider Your Hair and Skin Tone

People with lighter hair and skin tones look different in colors than people with darker hair and skin tones. This isn’t a huge issue, so no need to stress about it. Your parents or the orthodontist can help you make decisions if you’re really stuck.

Color Combinations to Turn Your Braces into a Fashion Statement

You can have all of your braces the same color, choose one color for the top and one for the bottom, or use a combination of colors on odd and even braces. Click on this link to play with colors and see how they will look in your mouth. You will need to check with your orthodontist to see exactly which colors the braces brand they use offers.

Ideas for Colors and Color Combinations

  • Your favorite color(s)
  • The favorite color(s) of the guy or girl you’re crushing on
  • Your school colors
  • Holiday colors (red and green for Christmas or black and orange for Hallowen, for example)
  • The colors of your favorite sports team
  • Pink and purple
  • Lime green and pink
  • Lavender and light blue
  • Silver and gold
  • Neons
  • Dark blue and silver

Hopefully these ideas will get you started. You might even get so excited that you decide to map out all the colors or color combinations for the rest of the time you will wear braces. Dunn Orthodontics offers all types of braces in Scottsdale for children, teens, and adults. Visit our Home page to begin learning about us and to request an appointment.

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