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Scottsdale Orthodontics

Your smile is like your calling card. When it looks its best, you project an attractive, successful image to the world, and you feel a lot more confident, too. The thing is, very few people have beautiful smiles naturally — and that’s where orthodontics can help.

Today’s orthodontics are designed to correct all sorts of spacing and alignment problems. So, you can get the picture-perfect smile you want. You can even improve your oral health in the process. As a top-ranked orthodontist practice in Scottsdale, we help Arizona patients improve their smiles and their oral health. We utilize state-of-the-art treatments tailored to each patient’s individual needs. Whether you want Scottsdale orthodontics for yourself or for your child, we are here to help. Here’s what you need to know about the advanced orthodontic treatments our practice provides.

Actual orthodontics Scottsdale AZ patient
Actual Scottsdale orthodontics patient

The science behind your Scottsdale orthodontic treatment

Whether you have your teeth straightened by braces or clear aligners, the result is the same. Straighter teeth and a more beautiful smile. But both braces and aligners do more than just move the visible parts of your teeth. They work by moving the whole tooth, including the roots embedded deep in your jaw bone. Orthodontics apply gentle pressure to your teeth. It’s that pressure that helps your teeth move into the correct positions, aligning your bite and giving you the beautiful smile you want. As the teeth move, the roots shift, too, and the bone surrounding them reshapes and remodels itself to support those roots.

That’s why orthodontic treatment takes time. If your teeth are moved too rapidly, your tooth roots can weaken. That means your teeth can be damaged, too. By gradually moving your teeth over a period of months, your jaw bone has a chance to remodel itself. Remodeling around the tooth roots, anchoring your teeth and keeping them secure as they move into alignment.

Jaw bone remodeling is also a big reason why you need to wear a retainer for a period of time after your braces come off. Bone remodeling takes time, and when your braces come off, that remodeling process is still going on. Your retainer provides that extra support your teeth need while the bone is forming around the roots. It keeps your teeth stay in their new positions. In fact, many patients wear their retainers a couple of nights a week indefinitely. That way they can feel confident their new smiles will stay looking their best.

Benefits of orthodontics: Beyond cosmetics

It’s easy to appreciate the cosmetic benefits of orthodontics Scottsdale AZ. After all, it’s hard to miss a beautiful, confident smile. But orthodontics isn’t just about aesthetics. They can help improve your oral health, as well. The first way they can help is by reducing your risk of cavities and gum disease. This is the top cause of tooth loss among adults in the U.S.

The way they do that is pretty simple. The best way to prevent both cavities and gum disease is to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy with regular brushing and flossing. But when your teeth are crooked or crowded, it can be difficult to get into all those odd angles and tiny spaces between and around the teeth. That means disease- and decay-causing bacteria have places to hide and multiply. This increases your risks for cavities and gum infections (and eventual tooth loss). Brushing and flossing work best when your teeth are straight and evenly spaced. It makes sense, then, that by straightening your teeth, your care routine will be lots more effective. And, your risks of decay and gum disease can decrease as a result.

Orthodontics Scottsdale AZ can also improve your oral health by correcting alignment problems. When your bite isn’t aligned properly, it puts a lot of strain on your jaw joints. Over time, you can have symptoms like jaw pain and headaches, eventually developing a painful condition called temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). An unbalanced bite also causes uneven tooth wear, increasing risks for cavities, breakage and tooth loss. By correcting alignment issues, you avoid both excess jaw strain and uneven tooth wear. These are major issues that can be prevented with state-of-the-art orthodontics.

What ages are “too old” and “too young” for Scottsdale orthodontics?

First, you’re never “too old” for Scottsdale orthodontics. As long as your teeth and jaw are healthy and strong enough to withstand the movements that occur during treatment, you can have orthodontics. As far as “too young,” the American Association of Orthodontists recommends kids have their first orthodontist visit at about age seven. Age 7 is when their adult teeth are starting to erupt. That’s the ideal time to spot spacing and alignment problems early. An orthodontist can evaluate for interventional treatment that could improve their smiles and their bite mechanics without braces or aligners.

Which is better — braces or aligners?

Braces and aligners look a lot different, but they can both work in similar ways. They can each be a great option for straightening teeth and correct alignment and bite problems. The main difference between traditional metal or clear braces and Invisalign aligners (aside from appearance) is what issues they can treat. Braces in Scottsdale AZ have been around for many decades — in fact, they’ve been used in some form for centuries. That kind of longevity means they’ve evolved a lot, and today. They’re the gold standard for treating virtually any type of orthodontic problems, including complex issues affecting your bite mechanics.

Invisalign clear aligners were introduced in the late 1990s, and since then, millions of people have worn them. Like braces, Scottsdale AZ Invisalign aligners have also undergone a lot of improvements. Today, they can be used to treat almost all the same conditions as traditional braces. However, there are some cases where braces are just a better choice — they’re more effective in achieving the best possible outcome.


The other difference has to do with cost. Braces tend to be less costly compared to Invisalign in Scottsdale AZ, but Invisalign’s cost has come down in recent years, making them more comparable to braces. Insurance companies still tend to provide more coverage for braces compared to Invisalign, but both types of orthodontics can be paid for with FSA or HSA funds.

Overall, though, both braces and Invisalign can straighten teeth, fix spacing problems, and correct alignment and bite-related issues. During your initial evaluation, your orthodontist will discuss both options with you so you feel confident in the treatment you select.

Dunn Orthodontics: A leader in Scottsdale orthodontics

The results of orthodontic treatment offer a lifetime of benefits, both for the way your smile looks and for your oral health. We’re a trusted provider of orthodontics for Scottsdale patients. By offering truly customized treatment plans, we are helping every Arizona patient enjoy optimal results. To learn more about the Scottsdale orthodontics we offer or to schedule an evaluation for yourself or for your child, give us a call at 602-864-0004 today.