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Scottsdale Orthodontic Care Has Merged with Dunn Orthodontics! 

Dunn Orthodontics team

Friends & Family of Scottsdale Orthodontic Care, 

As an experienced, seasoned (old) orthodontist with a successful practice in the valley of the sun I am frequently asked about my future plans by patients, parents and other local orthodontists. 

Up until now, my response has been to state that as long as I am healthy, I will address this situation at a later date. 

Well, later has come along (however my health as of this writing is the same) as well as a great opportunity to continue the tradition of the practice and most importantly care for all of my patients. 

Matthew and Courtney Dunn, a local team of experienced, energetic and family focused orthodontists has approached me to add Scottsdale Orthodontic Care to their 3 established locations. 

Because the Dunn’s utilize the same type of braces, share the same treatment philosophy and even have years of experience with the same digital record system that our practice was an early adopter in I believe this combination will be a wonderful fit. 

This merger will obviously lead to increased options, great scheduling opportunities and many other benefits. 

During the next 3 months, I will work to introduce you to them and their staff to allow for a smooth transition to their practice. 

I will continue with my affiliation with Orthotown Magazine and pursue my renewed interest in treating pediatric dental patients with the use of CBCT digital information. 


Dr. Daniel Grob