Actual patient of the Invisalign Phoenix AZ orthodontist

There is a growing concern among consumers today that surrounds the ability to keep their teeth as clean and well cared for as possible. Many patients experience crookedness and unsightly appearances within their mouths which can impact their smile and overall confidence levels. Consumers who are managing this particular aesthetic issue should understand the process of how an orthodontist is able to offer Invisalign in Phoenix AZ for adults and teens.

The Invisalign technology is one of the latest and most advanced offerings among oral care professionals. This is a product that is not visible once on the teeth and is helps to straighten all teeth and close all gaps present. Most patients find that this is a highly effective and simple technology to have set in place to resolve their concerns.

Oral Care Professionals

Orthodontists are the primary oral care professionals with the skill at administering this technology. Adults and teens are often unsure of whether to consult these professionals and what to expect from having this technology in place. Any patient aware of the basics of this process is able to significantly improve upon the appearance of their teeth without braces in Phoenix AZ.

Patients initially receive a comprehensive oral exam when considering Invisalign for adults and teens. This examination is determines what issues are present with the teeth and how to best correct them. There is then an initial consultation that discusses how to move forward with implementing the Invisalign product.

The next step is placing the Invisalign product over the teeth. This is a process that has a very quick amount of time. It usually has little or no side effects or sources of discomfort. Procedures are normally an outpatient process in most cases.

Follow up appointments are the final phases offered from a Phoenix orthodontist. These appointments are scheduled to review the actual product and the impacts it has on the teeth. This is usually a consultative appointment which allows consumers an opportunity to ask any questions or point out any concerns.

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