The Phoenix orthodontist provides several brace options to help both children and adults achieve a straighter set of teeth. With advances in dental technique and technology, the choices range from Invisalign to the common metallic brace set. Remain informed of the various types of braces available for your needs.

Recent studies have indicated that more people are considering a straighter smile as the number one asset when it comes to advancing in social and professional spheres of life. Braces have been designed not only to straighten your teeth, but also to correct a poor alignment in terms of biting. There are a few considerations to discuss with the orthodontist in order to achieve a beautiful smile. A great piece of news is that you can go straight to an orthodontist for braces.

Braces Options

The latest option in braces is the Phoenix Invisalign. This includes a set of clear plastic trays that fit on the upper and the lower teeth. The advantage of this option is that it is not nearly as noticeable as its metallic counterpart, does not irritate delicate tissues and can be removed to clean.

Invisalign is unfortunately not a possibility for those requiring extensive straightening procedure. There is a ceramic set which has been worn by celebrities such as Tom Cruise as a result of its unobtrusive appearance. These are often applied to mild and severe cases involving a yellowish bracket across the teeth.

Metallic braces are considered the most affordable choice for straightening teeth. It requires regular visits to your dental professional for wire adjustments. Individuals are required to implement specific cleaning procedure when wearing these braces.

The Phoenix orthodontist will evaluate which options are best suited to achieving straight teeth in consultation. Discuss your goals with the professional and assess the benefits as well as the limitations of the choices made available to you. If you desire a straighter set of pearly whites, consult with your dental professional today.

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