Not everyone is born with perfectly straight teeth. Factors such as genetics and thumb-sucking can alter the alignment and appearance of teeth. Fortunately for children with such dental issues, early orthodontic intervention can correct these problems in order for them to still be able to have a beautiful smile. Parents who are concerned about their child’s teeth should consult one of the many helpful Phoenix orthodontists.

Usually a family dentist can recommend a good orthodontist in Avondale AZ, some of whom focus their practice on young patients in particular. At the first visit, this professional will examine the child’s teeth, and possibly take some radiographs and an impression of their teeth. If he or she believes a child to be of sufficient age, suggestions for orthodontic therapy will be discussed with the parents.

Traditional metal braces are the old stand-by that is still very effective for correcting malocclusion and misaligned teeth. Made of stainless steel and much lighter in design than earlier designs, these braces are strong and durable. Children often enjoy personally selecting the colored elastics that are used with this system.

An alternative to regular braces in Avondale for those who are not comfortable with the idea of wearing metal on their teeth, are clear, ceramic braces or sublingual braces that are worn on the backs of the teeth. Ceramic designs are colorless and blend in with the teeth, however they usually need to be worn for a bit longer than their metal counterparts. Sublingual braces are metal, but worn behind the teeth so they are not noticeable.

The Invisalign system is a newer technology also available to young patients. These clear, plastic aligners are worn successively until the teeth reach their optimal position. Invisalign is popular not only because it is more discreet, but also because it can simply be removed for eating, thus not limiting food choices.

It is important that the child reach the right age before beginning orthodontic therapy, this will be assessed by the orthodontist. Once he or she is ready to start on this process, the various options can be discussed. There are many skilled Phoenix orthodontists parents can consult regarding their child’s dental condition.

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