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Invisalign® has become a very popular alternative to braces for anyone who wants to enjoy a more beautiful smile, and for a few good reasons. For starters, the clear aligners are almost invisible on your teeth, and they tend to work faster than braces, too. At Dunn Orthodontics, we provide comprehensive orthodontic care for Paradise Valley patients — and that means we offer state-of-the-art Paradise Valley Invisalign treatment, for both teens and adults.

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How do Invisalign invisible braces work?

Invisalign Paradise Valley AZ uses the same basic principles as regular braces, but instead of using brackets and wires to move teeth, it uses clear aligners. Each aligner is custom-made to follow the curves and contours of your teeth. That snug-fitting design makes the aligners extra comfortable, and it also plays a role in helping your teeth move. During your treatment, you’ll wear a series of aligners — typically about two dozen, but the number you need will be determined by the issues that are being corrected. Each aligner is shaped a little differently. It’s those changes in shape that keep your teeth moving into their correct positions. You’ll wear a set for a couple of weeks or so, then replace it with the next set in the series.

One reason why Invisalign Paradise Valley AZ is so effective in moving teeth is because it uses a proprietary material called SmartTrackTM. SmartTrack was developed specifically for Invisalign, and in fact, Invisalign is the only clear aligner system that uses SmartTrack. The special SmartTrack material is crystal clear, and it’s designed to provide continual pressure to your teeth, so the movement they make are smooth and highly customizable. SmartTrack is also super smooth, so the aligners are very easy to put in and take out, and they’re also very comfortable to wear.

What are the benefits of Paradise Valley Invisalign?

Certainly, Paradise Valley Invisalign’s clear design is its most familiar benefit — but it’s not the only one.

  • Invisalign aligners are completely smooth, so you won’t have to worry about sore spots from brackets or wires.
  • You take your aligners out for meals and snacks, which means you can eat any food you like. There’s no need to avoid hard or sticky foods that aren’t allowed when you have braces. You can even have corn on the cob.
  • You don’t have to learn a new care routine. Just slip your aligners out and brush and floss as usual. Gently brush your aligners, rinse them out and pop them back in.
  • You won’t need to visit our office as often as you would with braces. Instead of monthly visits, you’ll come in about every six weeks so we can check your progress.
  • You can finish up your treatment faster than you can with braces, too. Most people complete treatment in under two years, and some patients can get the results they want in only a year.

And of course, with Paradise Valley Invisalign you’ll get beautiful results that last a lifetime.

What can I expect during my Invisalign treatment?

Invisalign treatment starts with a complete exam and evaluation of your teeth and your bite mechanics (the way your jaws move and meet when you open and close your mouth). Next, the orthodontist takes a series of measurements of your teeth and jaws. These measurements play an important role in creating your custom aligners. Once the measurements are taken, they’re sent to a lab and fed into a computer. The computer uses software to create 3D models of your mouth, showing how your teeth need to move during your Invisalign treatment. The aligners are made based on those models.

During your treatment, you’ll wear each set of aligners for about two weeks, and you’ll visit us about every six weeks for check-ups. Most patients complete their treatment in two years or less. Your treatment time will be based on your needs and goals.

Actual patient of the Invisalign Paradise Valley AZ orthodontist

What problems can be corrected with Paradise Valley Invisalign?

Paradise Valley Invisalign aligners are a great solution for many patients with issues like:

  • Underbites
  • Overbites
  • Crossbites
  • Open bites
  • Crowded teeth
  • Crooked teeth

Plus, Paradise Valley Invisalign offers additional features, like SmartForce and removable tabs, that enable your orthodontist to fine-tune your treatment for optimal results.

See an orthodontist for Invisalign clear aligners

Orthodontic treatment is a complex process, and without routine professional care throughout your treatment, serious problems can develop. Like traditional braces, aligners move your whole teeth, from the top tips all the way down to the roots. And as your roots move, the jaw bone that surrounds them has to remodel itself constantly to accommodate them. That remodeling process is also complex, and one of the main reasons why you need to come in for regular check-ups is to make sure the entire process is moving along smoothly. During your check-ups, the orthodontist will look for very subtle signs that could indicate a problem with the way your teeth are moving. By spotting those issues early, they can be treated before they become major problems. Orthodontics affects your smile, and it also affects your bite mechanics and your jaws.

Will dental insurance cover the cost of Invisalign Paradise Valley AZ treatment?

Dental insurance varies a lot from one plan to the next. Many insurance companies don’t provide coverage for orthodontic treatment, or they only provide partial coverage. And some only provide coverage for traditional braces and not for aligners. The only way to know if your dental insurance plan covers Invisalign treatment is to contact your plan administrator and ask them. If your insurance doesn’t cover the cost of your care, our team can help you find a payment plan or financing option that works with your budget.

Learn more about Invisalign treatment in Paradise Valley, AZ

Invisalign is a great option for many teens and adults who want a more beautiful smile and a lot more self-confidence. As a leading orthodontist practice in Paradise Valley, Arizona, we provide customized treatment plans to help every patient get the most from their Invisalign aligners. To learn more about Paradise Valley Invisalign and how this state-of-the-art system can help you get the beautiful smile you want, call us at 602-864-0004 to schedule an appointment today.