As technology improves in other areas, it does so in orthodontia as well. A Phoenix orthodontist makes use of the latest in technology and new products to give a beautiful smile with the greatest effectiveness and the least discomfort. A row of straight pearly whites are a pleasure to see and causes a person to feel comfortable greeting others with a smile.

Innovative advances in orthodontia starts with smaller brackets and high tech wires. Some newer appliances include pin and tube, ribbon arch, edgewise, and self-ligating ones. Multi-helix construction is another advancement, including bi-, tri-, and quad-helix designs.

Passive, fixed, and removable passive appliances include space retainers and maintainers. There are a number of different models of retainers, such as vacuum formed and “twistflex” retainers. Some are removable and others must remain in until removed professionally. The Rapid Maxillary Expansion Appliance requires daily adjustment to quickly expand the upper jaw so that the top and bottom teeth fit together correctly.

Many brace names are just vague names that only your dental professional may recognize. However, they just show how braces have changed over the years from the old style, clunky, metal monstrosities that earned their wearers the term “metal mouth”. Newer, smaller models are often almost unnoticeable.

Braces in Scottsdale AZ are not something any family wants to have to face, but it is almost a given that at some point in time they will be necessary for that perfectly shaped set of teeth. Due to the cost involved, it is important that you get the most appropriate for you or your child’s needs.

Consulting with a Goodyear orthodontist about getting a mouth full of beautiful straight teeth will help you find exactly what you need. There are a number of options available now, and it takes professional advice to insure getting whatever is best for the results you want. Cost is one factor, but so is the effectiveness of the appliance being considered.

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