The Damon System braces are different than other types because they are gentler to teeth, gums, and mouth tissue. In addition, there is no need to tighten them. The memory shape wires are the latest in technology and move the teeth very quickly requiring few adjustments. If this type of system interests you visit a qualified Phoenix orthodontist.

This system is a proven approach that aligns the teeth and improves facial appearance. Typically with this method there is no need to extract teeth or use palatal expanders. Using this method, the time needed to get desired results is shorter than it would be with traditional method.

This technique uses an exclusive philosophy that does more than straightened teeth to create a beautiful smile. The practitioner gives consideration to the facial structure to get an idea of how each individual will look as they mature into their fifties. This is important since your face will change in appearance as you age.

In addition, this system is much more comfortable than traditional methods. The reason folks prefer Damon is that there is no need to constantly visit the dentist to have the braces tightened. This reduces the amount of pressure put on the teeth which moves them to the correct position with less discomfort.

Straightening your teeth not only improves your smile, it generally improves the health of your mouth. It does not matter what age you are when you decide to see an orthodontist. In addition, straighter teeth will improve your self esteem and make you feel more confident.

Your Phoenix orthodontist will explain the benefits of using the Damon system. The results you receive will be extraordinary. You will have less dental visits during the process than with traditional braces, and you will be amazed at how comfortable they are. For most individuals there is no need to remove teeth, and the braces are easy to clean.

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