Having a lovely smile full of straight, white teeth can make people feel better and more confident about how they look. Few people are born with a perfect smile, however. A Phoenix orthodontist can provide patients with various types of apparatuses that will straighten the teeth and improve their appearance.

In order to determine the best way to help patients achieve good results, the orthodontist will need to assess the state of their teeth and bite. This is done by taking x-rays, visual examination, and often by taking a plaster impression of the mouth. Once this evaluation is made, the options will be discussed with the patient.

Metal braces today are more light-weight and comfortable in design than earlier ones were and are still commonly used as an effective means of correcting a bite or teeth which are misaligned. They are normally made from quality stainless steel and consist of a system of brackets and arch wires. Small elastic bands function as ligatures and can be personally chosen by the patient in the colors they want.

Some patients desire a more discrete form of straightening than metal braces. Ceramic braces are a suitable alternative in such a case. Made from a durable, clear material they are much less obvious than the metal ones. However they usually need to be worn for a bit longer as they are not quite as strong.

One of the most popular methods for perfecting a misaligned bite is the Invisalign system. This involves wearing a set of clear, plastic aligners which are custom-made specifically for the patient. They gradually straighten the teeth into their ideal position and can easily be taken out to clean and for eating and drinking.

Whichever system is used for straightening the teeth, in just over a year on average patients can look forward to a great smile. A Phoenix orthodontist can provide them with a proper assessment and will be able to recommend the best form of orthodontic therapy. Patients who are eager to improve the look of their smile should consult a professional for advice so they can start this process as soon as possible.

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