If you’ve been considering orthodontic care for your child, you may be wondering if you need a dentist referral. After all, it seems as though referrals are necessary for almost every healthcare service these days! The good news is, most dental insurance plans do not require a dental referral. And, most orthodontists don’t require one, either. Even if you have a dentist that does make a referral to a specific orthodontist, you can choose any orthodontist you feel comfortable with and confident in. Not just the one they’ve referred. That means you can request a free consultation with Dunn Orthodontics at any time!

Your Child’s Dentist

Even though a referral isn’t needed for orthodontic care, your child’s dentist still plays an important role in their oral health. Besides regular check-ups, it’s a good idea to have them check your child’s teeth and gums before any orthodontic visits. We want to be sure they are healthy enough for any treatment that may be needed. Since the dentist is already familiar with your child’s development and general dental health, you may also wish to ask what they believe the best course of treatment would be. A second opinion is never a bad thing! You’ll be able to consider their thoughts when making your choice on treatment options.

Your child should see an orthodontist by age 7

Many parents are unaware that the American Association of Orthodontists recommends all children have their first orthodontic exam by around the age of 7. This can be a bit of a surprise since kids this age generally have some baby teeth and a mouth that’s still developing. But, that’s actually the point! 

Even though baby teeth fall out over time, they have the important job of setting the foundation for the permanent teeth to emerge into their eventual positions in the mouth. Having an orthodontic exam in early childhood means that any existing or potential problems can be caught soon enough. This can help prevent any negative impact on the future permanent teeth. 

When examining your child, experienced orthodontists like Drs. Matthew and Courtney Dunn will be able to see if the proper number of teeth are forming and erupting into the correct locations. They will also check for any common orthodontic issues. The vast majority of children won’t need any treatment at this age. But, they’ll still benefit from regular monitoring of any current or suspected problems.

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Orthodontic care no referral necessary

When it comes to finding providers you’re comfortable with, one of the best things you can do is simply ask around. Word of mouth is an amazing tool, so speak with family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers you know and trust about their experiences with local orthodontists. Getting a personal referral from a satisfied patient is a great first step in finding an orthodontist that will be the right fit for your family. Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews can be helpful, too. Still feeling a little unsure? Many practices have testimonials on their website, along with examples of their work. You can find ours here

Consider your family’s needs 

As a parent, we know you want to give your child the best smile possible. That’s why our practice has invested in the latest orthodontic technology in order to make treatment more comfortable and more efficient. At Dunn Orthodontics, we also offer the following along with orthodontic care no referral necessary. 

An easier orthodontic experience

Your child’s orthodontic journey should be a stress-free and rewarding experience. Our flexible scheduling allows for early morning and late afternoon appointments, so your child won’t have to miss school and you won’t have to miss work. We also employ an open door policy, so you’re always welcome to come into the treatment area with your child, whatever their age.

Comfortable treatment options

Thankfully the days of painful headgear, clunky bands on every tooth, and too-tight wires has passed. Today’s treatment options are much more comfortable, stylish, and customizable than ever before. Dunn Orthodontics offer metal and clear braces along with Invisalign clear aligners to patients of all ages. These appliances will move your child’s teeth using gentle, continuous forces over time. Our treatment options provide exceptional results, giving your child a great start on a healthy smile that will last a lifetime!

Affordable orthodontic care

Our team understand the importance of affordable orthodontic treatment, and we are committed to providing high-quality care to every patient who needs it. We have a variety of low-down payment and no down payment options with 0% interest to fit every budget.

We are industry leaders

Referrals aside, when dentists need to choose an orthodontist for their own family, they trust Dunn Orthodontics. Our practice has treated many dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants, along with their spouses and children! We also have over 30 orthodontists from across the country bring their teams to our office every year to observe and learn about our cutting-edge orthodontic treatment and top-notch customer service skills.

Convenient locations that keep things fun

We have four conveniently located offices in Arcadia, Litchfield Park, Scottsdale, and Phoenix. Each office is clean, modern, and fun, so that patients of all ages can kick back and relax before their appointment. From the bright decor to our Celebration Station, there’s something for everyone when you visit Dunn Orthodontics. 

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Give your child the gift of a smile at Dunn Orthodontics

You may find our team through a dental referral, a friend’s recommendation, or by googling orthodontists near you. R Dunn Orthodontics offers you the highest level of patient care and customer service. We’re dedicated to providing patients of all ages with a rewarding and stress-free orthodontic experience. From your first visit to your last. That begins with a FREE consultation!

During this initial visit, your child will receive a full orthodontic evaluation. This includes diagnostic x-rays and a thorough examination by one of our doctors. We’ll walk you through the results, discuss any questions or concerns you have, then talk about the recommended treatment plan. We offer a variety of treatment options to treat orthodontic issues from mild to severe. Dr. Dunn will only recommend the best plan for your child’s specific needs.  

If your child would benefit from an orthodontic evaluation, we encourage you to get in touch with us today. Schedule a FREE exam. This is the perfect to get your child started on the path to a perfect smile!

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