Benefits of Smiling

Everyone knows about the power of a smile: it’s fun to do, makes us feel better, and indicates that something good or exciting is happening in our lives! From the moment we are born, we learn that smiling is an important action that can help us navigate our environment and our emotions, but did you know that there are other practical and scientific benefits to smiling?

If you’re still holding back on sharing your smile with the world, there are plenty of solutions available to you. Your Scottsdale orthodontist or dentist can suggestion the appropriate oral health and cosmetic treatments for your teeth, and an action plan to help you transform the look of your smile. From tooth whitening to comprehensive dental care, orthodontists and dentists can provide the right action plan to get you one step closer to smile of your dreams.

In the meantime, there are many benefits to explore if you practice your smile right now! Practice showing off your future pearly whites with these tips:

Benefit 1: Produce Empathy with the Power of a Smile

Produce Empathy with the Power of a Smile

Any customer service representative will tell you: smiles make a difference! A Penn State University study found that when service employees and customers shared a smile, customers responded positively to the employees and left their interactions satisfied. Customers thought smiling employees were more likable, friendly, and capable – even in more hectic or unfavorable situations.

Of course, smiling does make others feel more comfortable around you, and it’s how we feel comfortable with ourselves. But, smiling also helps us make more genuine connections in shorter amounts of time or when we most need to. Smiling when you’re nervous or embarrassed is a natural habit we’ve all practiced at some points in our lives, so people are likely to respond to the action by placing themselves in your shoes. If you’re hoping to connect with someone quickly, the easiest first step is to simply offer a genuine smile. Not only will you bring comfort to others, but people will feel drawn to their ability to relate to you.

Benefit 2: The Smile Effect on Your Body (Release Stress and Endorphins)

The Smile Effect on Your Body (Release Stress and Endorphins)

Science agrees that smiling has a considerable effect on your brain and your body. When we smile, our facial muscles release chemicals called endorphins that help us manage our stress levels and releases tension in our body. Our brain interprets these movements as a signal of something good or important happening. We release similar endorphins when we run, exercise, or experience thrilling situations!

Here’s even better news: the “smile effect” also boosts our immune system! Smiling makes our immune system even stronger by helping us produce white blood cells that fight pesky illnesses. Hospitals and hospices encourage this by treating visitors to storytellers and puppeteers who can keep spirits up. Every smile is another opportunity to become healthier and happier!

Benefit 3: Feel Comfortable in New (or Awkward) Situations

Feel Comfortable in New (or Awkward) Situations

Venturing out of your comfort zone can be an overwhelming experience, but smiling can help make you feel more self-assured in your most vulnerable moment. One benefit of smiling is that it makes us feel more confident in certain situations we’d normally feel awkward in.

Smiles help us appear more levelheaded and successful to others by indicating a sign of experience or control over one’s emotions. In professional situations, those who smile are more likely to earn more money and receive more impressive opportunities because people feel that they can smilers more. To your employer, smiling can show that you’re happy with what you do and are prepared to help with more, if necessary.

Benefit 4: Look Like a Leader

Look Like a Leader

A salesman’s or politician’s best accessory isn’t a briefcase or suit – it’s their smile! Successful leaders across history are known many things like their oratory skills or strategic mindsets and, of course, their charisma. A genuine and friendly smile helps leaders build trust and expertise among their audiences.

Would you buy from a salesman or vote for a politician that never smiled? No way! We like it when our leaders smile because it provides reassurance and a sense of management skills. We enjoy when people who want to sell a product or service to us appear genuinely excited about their offer. If we don’t see a smile, we become more concerned about the integrity or quality of what we’re being offered. Trust is one smile benefit that can open new doors for you.

Smiling is just one of the many body language tricks you can develop to have people follow your lead. Practice by saying a speech or an elevator pitch and note how natural it feels to smile for you.

Get the Great Smile You’ve Always Wanted

Smiling has many benefits that can improve your health, social standing, and professional opportunities. Want to see how your new smile can change your world? Our Phoenix orthodontist is ready with the perfect action plan to develop your dream smile. We’ll work with you to select the best method for shaping and perfecting your teeth on your preferred timeline or budget. Reach out to us to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment.

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