Are you wondering what life will be like with braces? A lot of people worry more about getting braces in Goodyear AZ than they really need to. Here’s the low down on what to expect when you get braces.

Will getting braces in Goodyear AZ hurt?

It might be uncomfortable or even slightly painful for the first few days after you first get braces in Goodyear AZ. By the end of the first week, you’ll adjust to having braces. You might feel a few hours of discomfort after you have them tightened each month, but it won’t be as big of an adjustment as you had getting them initially.

How often do I have to go in for checkups with the orthodontist?

Your treatment plan will involve checkups every 8 to 12 weeks, but your orthodontist will tell you specifically how often is right for you.

Can I eat sugary foods with braces?

You can eat a wide variety of foods and sugary foods are generally ok. Your orthodontist will often tell you what food to avoid. Obeying the list of not ok foods can pay off by possibly resulting in getting your braces of early as well as not having to deal with any other problems that could result in eating food like popcorn, chips, and some candy.

Am I going to look weird with braces in Goodyear AZ?

Braces can be as stylish as you want. New color options make them fun and can make your braces look less noticeable. Go for colors that make your teeth look brighter and whiter (so steer away from bright white, which can make your teeth look dull or yellow, or green, which can also make your teeth look discolored).

If I have braces, can I kiss someone who also wears braces?

The old myth that two braces wearers will get stuck if they kiss isn’t really grounded in truth. Years ago, braces were bulkier and made of larger pieces, which made them more likely to get stuck things, whether that’s a sweater you’re pulling over your head, or your boyfriend’s braces. Newer technology enables the pieces to be much smaller. They are less likely to snag, so you should be safe kissing someone with braces.

What if a bracket falls off?

Sometimes a bracket (the little metal pieces on the front of each tooth) loosens or falls off. The wire will keep it from falling out completely. If it comes loose, call your orthodontist and they’ll glue it back on as soon as possible.

What if I miss an appointment? Will I have to wear my braces for longer now?

Contact your Goodyear orthodontist as soon as you realize you can’t make it to an appointment. You want to reschedule as soon as possible, since a missed appointment can prolong treatment. However, if your orthodontist can fit you in within a few weeks then usually just one skipped appointment won’t mean you need to wear your braces longer. If you miss several appointments, this may delay treatment. To make sure you get your braces off as soon as possible, make it to your appointments.

Are braces worth the money? Absolutely!

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