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1. SCHEDULE FREE CONSULT Schedule your free consultation using our Online Calendar.  

2. FREE EXAM & DIGITAL X-RAY Dr. Dunn will conduct an exam including Digital X-Ray to map out a treatment plan. 

3. GET STARTED ON YOUR NEW SMILE! Start on your new confident smile! You can even start the SAME DAY as your consult!

Child Orthodontics in Phoenix

It’s not uncommon for children to need braces. Many children benefit from the use of kids braces so much so that they should be provided as soon as possible. What are they? Why does your child need them? For parents hearing about the potential need for braces in kids, the thought of child orthodontics can be a overwhelming with a lot of unknown factors. However, today, there are more options than ever for child orthodontics and braces for kids’ technology doesn’t have to be something to dread. The opportunities that child orthodontics offers are those that can provide long-term benefits to a child’s smile.

Why Do Kids Need Braces?

Perhaps the biggest question many people have is this one. Why are there braces for kids in the first place? Many children do not have perfect teeth and would benefit from child orthodontics. This is often due to the child’s genetics or the formation of teeth that occurs during the early years. It is not possible to avoid braces for kids in many cases, no matter what you try to do to help improve a smile early on. Some things are avoidable, such as thumb sucking and pacifier use that can cause misalignments. Others are not. However, most can be corrected using kids braces.

Often, a pediatric orthodontist will let parents know of the potential need for child orthodontics early on as soon as it is noticeable on dental x-rays. With routine dental visits (one time at least every six months) it’s possible to detect problems with the smile early on, allowing for the most flexibility in treatment. Once you learn that your child may need braces, you may be unsure what to do next in the child orthodontics process.

Scheduling an Appointment with a Pediatric Orthodontist

A child orthodontics team is readily available to help you know what the next step is and how to ensure the best long-term outcome. There’s no pressure or hard decisions to make during your child orthodontics appointment. However, a pediatric orthodontist will answer questions and provide solutions that may work for your child’s needs. Don’t put off scheduling an appointment like this to talk about the options in a child’s teeth alignment options.

Learning About the Problem

The first step prior to getting kids braces is finding out what problems exist. During a consultation with a pediatric orthodontist, you’ll learn more about what is happening. You may even be able to see the x-rays to pinpoint the areas of concern. Some common conditions that are often treated with braces for kids include the following:
-Misalignment of the jaw
-Overbites and underbites
-Periodontal problems brought on by gum disease
-Overcrowding and spacing of the teeth
-Chewing and biting problems
-Open bites
-Crooked teeth

If you’ve noticed other problems in your child’s smile, be sure to bring it up to the child orthodontics team to discuss. This initial consultation is meant to provide a stepping stone to learn about all of the kids braces options available.

Does Your Child Need Braces?

It’s often best to work with a child orthodontics team to discuss the need for kids braces. The existence of misalignment may indicate doing something now is best. That’s because it is typically easier and faster to make changes to a child’s smile now, while they are younger and growing than it is once they reach adulthood. There are various factors your family orthodontist may take into consideration to determine if braces are necessary and beneficial. This may include:
-The child’s age
-The overall dental health
-The likeness that the condition to worsen
-The severity of the problem
-The impact the misalignment is having on confidence, if any
-The impact the misalignment is having on chewing and speaking

When braces for kids are the right choice, the good news is the dentist will work with you to time the process well. There are often plenty of options available to help your child see a significant amount of improvement.

What Type of Kids Braces Are Right for You?

Various factors go into the decision about what type of kids braces are the best solution for any situation. Most of the time, it is possible to use any type, based on preference. However, parents and teens especially may want to consider a few different options to learn which is a good fit for their specific needs. Here is a look at some of the brace options that may be available to your child.

Metal Braces

Perhaps the most common option, metal braces provide exceptional results for most people. These have improved significantly in the last decade and are now easier to use, more comfortable, and more effective.

Metal braces are a permanent attachment placed onto the surface of the tooth. They will be taken off later, by the pediatric orthodontist, at the end of the treatment period. They are tightened and adjusted over time, at various intervals to allow for the proper pressure to be placed on the teeth. That pressure helps to move the teeth into the right position to create a more aligned smile.

There are some facts to know about metal braces for kids:
-Most of the time, there are some food and drink limitations. This is often to help prevent breaking the braces and minimize the amount of plaque buildup that can occur.

-Sometimes, metal braces need to be worn for three or more years, depending on how well the teeth respond to them.

-Most needs can be met with metal braces, especially teeth and bite alignments.

Ceramic Braces

Another type of braces for kids are ceramic braces. These are designed and function much like metal braces. The difference is that the braces are made of a ceramic material. They are tooth-colored, though, which allows for them to blend in better and be harder to notice.

Ceramic braces offer a few benefits including that they are harder to see. Here are a few more things to know about them before choosing this option:

-There are food and drink restrictions that help to minimize any staining to them.

-Many people with ceramic braces see the same results as those with metal braces.

Tray Aligners

For some people, especially teens, it may be an option to use clear tray aligners. These work much differently in terms of application than other types of kids braces. They do not affix to the teeth specifically. Rather, they are trays that are placed into the mouth and cover the teeth. They are very hard to see, which is a nice benefit for those who may not want others to know about the kids braces. The trays are custom designed and need to be replaced over time with new versions. All of the trays help to push the teeth into the proper alignment over time without any pain or discomfort.

There are a few things to know about tray aligners:

-They are easily removed. This can help to minimize oral hygiene problems since a person can take them off to brush and floss properly.

-It is necessary to have new aligners created every few weeks. This helps to encourage proper alignment.

-This solution may work a bit faster than traditional braces, though each person’s needs are different.

Working with a kids’ orthodontist allows a person to see the significant improvement they need in their child’s smile. Take a look at all of the options available by meeting with a team of professionals to discuss options.